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Magpie Swooping Season 2023: What to Expect and How to Prepare

Magpie Swooping Season 2023: What to Expect and How to Prepare - The Finch Weekly

Ah, the arrival of spring, a time of rejuvenation and renewal. But for many Australians, it’s also the season when an unexpected and often nerve-wracking phenomenon occurs – Magpie Swooping. These mischievous avian acrobats can turn a peaceful stroll or bike ride into a thrilling adventure. To help you brace yourself for the aerial onslaught, […]

Canary Varieties – The Lizard Canary

There is no shortage of canary types of varieties out there in an amazing range of colors.  One of the most distinctive in terms of their markings is the Lizard Canary.  It is also one of the oldest types of canaries with a long and slightly troubled history.  Let’s learn more about those lizards. What […]

The Green Singing Finch – A Guide to Keeping and Breeding


The green singing finch is a small, bright yellow bird that can be found in the wild throughout Central and Southern Africa. They are known for their beautiful song and relatively easy breeding requirements. This blog post will look at where these finches come from, what they eat, how to breed them in captivity and […]

Avian Flu and How It Impacts Bird Keepers

As a bird owner, any mention of Avian Flu is a cause for concern.  This week has seen a fresh announcement from the government regarding measures taken to prevent the spread of the disease to the UK.  But how does this affect bird keepers?  And is there a risk to humans from the disease? Bird […]

What is a Waxbill?

One of the things you learn when you start keeping birds is that some birds have a few different names.  Another is that there are names for groups of birds that aren’t ‘proper’ zoological terms but help to break up the massive group that are passerine species.   An example of that is the waxbill, another […]

Bourke’s Parakeets – How to Keep and Care for Them

When you keep finches, having some of the ‘hookbeaks’ or parrot family birds might seem like a bad idea. And it often is! But there’s one group of species that are quite a good match with the little guys – the grass parakeets. One of the best known and easiest to find of the group […]