The Finch Weekly

Lesser or Mealy Redpoll – What’s Yours?

Of the British birds that are popular in captivity, one family that seems to cause the most confusion is the Redpoll.  There are only three species in the family and one is very different but the other two, the Lesser and the Mealy Redpoll are often the cause of confusion.  So how do you tell […]

The Eurasian Bullfinch – Bold and Beautiful

As a kid, there was one bird that came to our feeder that always got the status as my favourite – the Eurasian Bullfinch or just the bullfinch here in the UK.  The male bird with his startling red breast, black face and grey back was an eye catcher every time.  When I started keeping […]

Keeping and Breeding the European Goldfinch

Here in the UK, we have some lovely birds then we have some stunning birds and the European goldfinch is definitely on the list of the gorgeous ones.  Sure it might not be as bright as the American goldfinch, which really does live up to its name, but with that eye catching red face and […]

Keeping the European Greenfinch

If you speak to anyone with experience keeping British birds in an aviary, they will say that the Greenfinch is one of best species to start with if you have had some experience with other birds.  These birds are frequent garden feeder visitors around the country and the male bird in particular is easy to […]

Adventures with a Eurasian Skylark

Generally, my aviary is based around the finches, from the exotic ones to the canaries and a few British birds.  One resident was from a completely different family and was a bird that has brought me endless joy in the time I had him – my Eurasian Skylark. But what are these birds like in […]