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Canary Varieties – The Lizard Canary

There is no shortage of canary types of varieties out there in an amazing range of colors.  One of the most distinctive in terms of their markings is the Lizard Canary.  It is also one of the oldest types of canaries with a long and slightly troubled history.  Let’s learn more about those lizards. What […]

Canary Varieties – The Fife Fancy

The canary is one of the most recognisable pet birds alongside the budgerigar and is the focus of many sayings and stories.  But what most people don’t realise is that there are many varieties of canary that have descended from the original wild type – so many that there are even three categories to classifying […]

Starting Out with Canaries

Personally, there’s just something about canaries – their little faces, their beautiful song and the many different types and colours.  Every time I go to a bird sale or an auction I have to physically restrain myself from buying them all (or trying to).  Yes, they can be moody with each other and only sing […]