The Finch Weekly

Northern Cardinal – American Stunner

The northern cardinal, also known as the Virginia Cardinal, is likely one of the birds that even non-bird keepers may recognise.  With its brilliant red plumage, black face and distinctive crest, it is a popular bird on Christmas cards and in winter scenes.  While it is illegal to keep in the US, it is also […]

Meet the Zosterops (White Eyes)

When I first started thinking about starting with softbills and whether I could properly house any in my current set up, one of the first species I was recommended were the Zosterops, more commonly known as White Eyes.  There are a number of species in the family that are found across Asia and parts of […]

The Pekin Robin (Red-billed leiothrix)

Like many of the common names applied to birds from around the world, the name of the Pekin Robin is more than a bit misleading.  After all, it isn’t from China but India and it isn’t a robin but one of the families classified as the laughingthrushes.   Despite it’s confusing name, this bird does […]

What is a Softbill?

It’s good to have ambitions in life and bird keeping is no different.  My ambition is to one day have softbill species among my bird family, although many of them I can’t consider in my current set up for one reason or another.  As a result of this ambition, I have started collecting information about […]