The Finch Weekly

Bird Days Out: Tropical Bird land

Before the pandemic hit, we managed to get in one day trip out and the place we chose was somewhere that my cousin had told me about for years – Tropical Birdland in Leicestershire.  It was quite an overcast and slightly chilly day but we almost had the place to ourselves and it was a […]

Bird Days Out: Chester Zoo

This May, my husband and I decided it was high time we had a visit to Chester Zoo.  At a bird keeper, the birds of Chester Zoo are worth the trip along and I am also a big fan of cats and almost any other mammal.  So the place was a wonderful trip and here […]

Breeding and Selling British Birds – The Law

I remember the first time I went to pick up some birds – canaries from memory – and saw a goldfinch in a cage.  I couldn’t believe how much the bird looked like our garden birds and then found out that it was the same species.  Only this bird has been captive bred, had never […]