The Finch Weekly

Species Profile – Dybowski’s Twinspot

There’s something eye catching about the combination of red, grey and black and this is what you have with the Dybowski’s Twinspot.  These birds are one of the less common members of the Estrildidae family that are nonetheless being bred around the UK in small numbers.  But are they the right bird for your aviary […]

The Stunning Star Finch – Beautiful Colour for Your Aviary

There is no shortage of beautiful coloured birds in aviculture but in my opinion the stunning star finch is up there with the best of them in term of looks.  These gorgeous little green and red birds also come in a range of different shades and make a great addition to a mixed flight with […]

Perfectly Purple – The Lavender Waxbill

Before I started keeping birds, if someone told me you could get a beautiful pale purple finch with a stunning red tail, I would have chuckled.  Sure, British birds are lovely but there’s nothing remotely purple about the gang.  Then I learned about the Lavender Waxbill which is definitely perfectly purple. Who is the lavender […]

The Many Types of Mannikins

Few bird keepers won’t have encountered the Bengalese or Society finch, those ever friendly and reliable little birds that are the basis of many an aviary alongside the Zebra Finch.  But how many of us know the rest of the family?  Known as the mannikins, munias or even nuns, this is a group of thirty-some […]

The Strawberry Finch

If you like your finches small and brightly coloured, friendly and interesting to watch, then the Strawberry finch will be a great one to consider.  These small three or four inch long finches are members of the same family as the equally tiny Gold Breast Waxbill and make great cage or aviary birds.  Just beware […]

The Diamond Firetail

The Diamond Firetail is an Australian finch that dares you to ignore it – with its bright red beak, sparkling black and while flanks and forthright personality, this isn’t a quiet little finch that disappears into the bushes.  In fact, firetails have a reputation as being not the most sociable bird with other species and […]