The Finch Weekly

Species Profile – Dybowski’s Twinspot

There’s something eye catching about the combination of red, grey and black and this is what you have with the Dybowski’s Twinspot.  These birds are one of the less common members of the Estrildidae family that are nonetheless being bred around the UK in small numbers.  But are they the right bird for your aviary […]

Violet Eared Waxbill Profile

The Violet Eared Waxbill is also known as the Common Grenadier and is a member of the same family as other eye catching finches such as the Purple Grenadier and the Blue cap waxbills.  With its distinctive purple face and rump, it is an easy to distinguish bird and also one that tends to be […]

The Plum Headed Finch (A.K.A the Cherry Finch)

Whether you know it as the Plum Headed finch or the Cherry Finch, this delightful species is one that may not have the flashy looks of others but has plenty of character.  They make an excellent aviary bird and are relatively easy to keep. In the wild The Plum Headed finch (Neochmia modesta) is found […]

The Red Browed Finch

The Red Browed Finch is a bird that often causes confusion due to its other name – the Sydney Waxbill.  Although it has a bright red beak and delicate looks, this little bird isn’t a waxbill and is a member of the same family of Estrildidae finches as Star Finches and Cherry Finches.  So who […]

The Red Throated Parrotfinch

The red throated parrotfinch is a member of a family of Estrildidae finches that is well known in captivity and contains one species that is often not recognised as a parrotfinch – the Gouldian finch.  Parrotfinches in general are colourful birds, mainly green with red, blue and other shades.  The red throated earns its name […]

What Type of Fresh Foods Can Finches Eat?

When it comes to keeping any type of bird, the first thing you need to understand is their diet. What can they eat and what should they avoid? With finches, they are primarily seed eaters but they also benefit from eating different types of fresh foods. Let’s take a look at what fresh foods finches […]