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How to Choose a Nest Box for Your Finches

Choosing the right nest box when breeding finches is often a case of trial and error.  Unless you know what kind of nest the bird was reared in, then there is often a lot of guess work involved in the process.  And even when you do know what type they were raised in, there’s no […]

Supplier Review – Planet Aviary

While it isn’t compulsory, it is always nice to buy your bird supplies from fellow bird people and this is the case with Planet Aviary.  I was recommended the products from this store by a fellow bird keeper and have been very impressed so far with what I have bought from them.  So I thought […]

What Kind of Nesting Materials Do Finches Prefer?

For the majority of finch keepers, you eventually end up discussing nesting material.  What the finches like, what they use and even what exactly it all is – and then there are what the bird actually take any notice of, which can vary from bird to bird!  So, I thought I would do a bit […]

Tips for Starting a Finch Aviary

finch aviary

So you’ve been bitten by the bug, those cute little finches that you have in a cage in the house suddenly seem nowhere enough.  There are so many species and you love the idea of seeing them flying around naturally.  The obvious answer is that you can convert a corner of your garden and look […]

What Cage Should I Buy for Finches?

I often see new finch keepers asking about what type of cage to buy for their new pets or will a certain cage be big enough for the birds they are getting.  In my opinion, the simple answer is to buy the biggest cage you can – then you have room to buy more finches!  […]

What’s In a Seed Mix?

For many bird keepers, there is always the debate between a bag of pre-mixed seed aimed at a specific group of birds and the various individual seeds that can be bought to mix your own.  For many of us, including myself, ease of supplies tends to win out – I can buy a bag of […]