The Finch Weekly

The Green Singing Finch – A Guide to Keeping and Breeding


The green singing finch is a small, bright yellow bird that can be found in the wild throughout Central and Southern Africa. They are known for their beautiful song and relatively easy breeding requirements. This blog post will look at where these finches come from, what they eat, how to breed them in captivity and […]

Bird Profile: House Finch (Mexican Sparrow)

One of the funny things with bird keeping is the variation of names that birds have.  Sure, they only have one Latin name but they can have a range of common names.  A classic example of this is the Mexican House Finch.  When I first heard of these birds they were called Mexican Sparrows or […]

Cuban Grassquit – Species Profile

When is a finch not a finch?  When it is the Cuban Finch, properly known as the Cuban Grassquit.  This attractive little bird has a huge character and is an active bird that is pleasant to keep with a few conditions to remember.  But most importantly, it isn’t actually a finch but was formerly part […]

The Zebra Dove – Aviary Alternative to the Diamond Dove?

For many bird keepers, the journey into keeping doves and pigeons start with the diamond dove.  But once you have experience with them, there can be the urge to try something different.  One species that is commonly kept in some parts of the world is the zebra dove – but is it an aviary alternative […]

The Diamond Dove – Ideal Start up Species

My experiences with keeping birds started with a pair of witless looking Gloster canaries (the ones with the crest) but was followed by a trio of diamond doves.  Attending my first bird sale, I fell in love with these three little doves, having never seen the species before.  I had diamond doves right until we […]