The Finch Weekly

The Red Headed Finch

There’s something eye catching about birds that have red plumage and also often a bit of a fiery temperament to go with that colouration.  The Red Headed Finch is a great example of the distinctive looking bird but is generally a little more sociable than the closely related Cut throat finch. In the wild Also […]

The Red Throated Parrotfinch

The red throated parrotfinch is a member of a family of Estrildidae finches that is well known in captivity and contains one species that is often not recognised as a parrotfinch – the Gouldian finch.  Parrotfinches in general are colourful birds, mainly green with red, blue and other shades.  The red throated earns its name […]

The Many Types of Mannikins

Few bird keepers won’t have encountered the Bengalese or Society finch, those ever friendly and reliable little birds that are the basis of many an aviary alongside the Zebra Finch.  But how many of us know the rest of the family?  Known as the mannikins, munias or even nuns, this is a group of thirty-some […]

Keeping The Cut throat Finch

Sometimes where finch names come from can be a bit of a mystery but in the case of the Cut throat Finch, there’s no doubt at all.  That bright red slash across the male bird’s neck is a complete giveaway as to the inspiration for their name!  The Cut-throat is one of the two members […]

What is a Finch?

We are all familiar with the term ‘finch’ but it means different things to different people.  For most people, a finch is a small bird.  To the bird watcher, it is one of a series of species that are commonly seen in certain parts of the country.  To the bird keeper, these species are added […]