The Finch Weekly

Do Finches Need Heat in Winter?

One of the most commonly asked questions among finch keepers new and experienced is whether their finches need heat in winter.  While there is no complete answer to the question, there are a few considerations to help guide you as to whether heat is needed and how much. Bird build The first thing to look at […]

What is Aspergillosis?


Unfortunately, despite all our best efforts, sometimes our birds contract respiratory and airways infections and one of the most common of those is called Aspergillosis.  This is a fungal infection that attacks the respiratory tract of the bird and causes illnesses. Symptoms There are two forms of Aspergillosis, acute and chronic, and the symptoms are […]

What are the Most Common Finch Health Problems?

Birds instinctive hide any illness or injury from the world around them and this can mean being a finch owner can often meaning being something of a detective.  You need to be able to notice changes in their behaviour or physical condition that may indicate something is wrong.  And sometimes there is nothing you can […]