The Finch Weekly

Violet Eared Waxbill Profile

The Violet Eared Waxbill is also known as the Common Grenadier and is a member of the same family as other eye catching finches such as the Purple Grenadier and the Blue cap waxbills.  With its distinctive purple face and rump, it is an easy to distinguish bird and also one that tends to be […]

Quailfinches – Exotic Finches with a Difference

The exotic finch family does include many shapes and sizes but one of the more intriguing members are the quailfinches.  There are three or four species in the family, depending on the authority, and they have the look of a quail while being a finch.  So, who are these birds and what makes them different? […]

The Red Browed Finch

The Red Browed Finch is a bird that often causes confusion due to its other name – the Sydney Waxbill.  Although it has a bright red beak and delicate looks, this little bird isn’t a waxbill and is a member of the same family of Estrildidae finches as Star Finches and Cherry Finches.  So who […]

Estrildid Finches – Meet the Family!

To anyone who keeps foreign finches, then the term estrildid finches will be familiar because most of the birds in this family are the ones we keep in our aviaries and cages.  They tend to be termed foreign finches in the UK to separate them from the ‘British’ finch family that contains birds such as […]